The perfect collaboration between domestic and wild!  On our farm, we noticed that a lot of birds' nest had wool from our flock lined in them (see picture above).  Birds would gather wool from off the barn floor, out in the pastures, stuck along the fence lines and use them to build a cozy nest for their babes to be!  


This is how we were inspired to create Wool Nesting Balls.  They are jute twined balls, hardened by the use of cornstarch, water and non-toxic glue.  Either natural colored or naturally dyed wool is then stuffed in the crevices with enough room for birds to pull out wool as needed!  How great would it be to see some of our flock wool in your own birds' nests?!  


Simply hang them on trees, from your porch, fence line, anywhere really and watch the wool get picked and pulled throughout the nesting season! 

Wool Nesting Balls


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